For the first time in the Middle East, hand picked pieces of Salvador Dalí’s legacy and timeless mystery are showcased in Dubai from worldwide private collections. Hundreds of original photographs, lithographs, and paintings will be exhibited at DIFC.

The star of the exhibition will be “Shower of Jasmine”, an exclusive oil on canvas painting that was first exhibited to the world in 1954 in New York City at Carstairs Gallery, and then in 1998 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at Museu Nacional de Belas Artes. The painting was kept in a private collection since then and this will be the third time ever for it to exposed to the public eye.


Nicolas Descharnes

International expert on the life and works of artist Salvador Dalí. Nicolas has published and co-published a number of books on Salvador Dali, testified in court as an expert witness on fraudulent works of the artist, and lectured internationally on the life and work of the master.

Dilyara Kamenova

Producer, organizer and art curator of Dali Exhibition. Last year Dilyara produced, curated and organized “Picasso & Miro”, Passion and Poetry Exhibition.



The President and CEO of the New York based Salvador Dali Archives Ltd. Frank is a friend of Salvador Dali and witnessed the original works of art of the master. He commissioned Dali to create a limited etching edition and portfolio, assisted with the publication of “The Official Catalog of Graphic Works” of Salvador Dali, gave an expert testimony in Dali court case, lectured internationally on the life and works of Dali, and he was awarded by the Salvador Dali Museum the “Order of Salvador”.