Moving Abu Dhabi Ikea from Marina Mall to Yas Island

James McGowan will be the shop manager of Ikea on Yas Island just where he is great for Al Futtaim, the furniture store’s list partner in the UAE. He talks about packing up at Marina Mall and going away.

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Last Updated: May seventeen, 2011

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Just how did the move go?

I will say we’ve had quite a smooth transition. We’d a project staff and also Ikea helped and pointed us throughout the meditation process. They’re accustomed to these large moves.

Why bother moving premises within the very first place?

It all depends on the conditions for a retailer. For us, the improvement of IKEA Abu Dhabi was an important factor. All is moving out there towards the terminal. In Marina Mall we also became much more of a convenience store compared to a spot, and that is not the goal of ours. Marina Mall was very restricting in what we could possibly provide the customer.

What was the very first thing you considered if you decided to search for another location?

The most crucial issue for us was the industrial terms. Out of the choices we’d, we believed the location suited us best. It was essentially the most economically viable, therefore the initial thing we did was look at feasibility.

Just how do you figure out size?

Ikea online stores are quite prescriptive. So we feast in our product sales volumes expectations for the next 5 years and also, because Ikea are very good at creating retailers, they’ve a formulation that in case you’re planning to reach a particular figure, and then that can determine the size of the shop.

What’s a thing to watch away for when moving?

It all depends on the conditions of the understanding between your current landlord and also the completely new, though you have to create in double rent in the forecasts of yours. Even when there’s not an overlap in the 2 retailers opening, there’ll be an overlap in closing the existing retailer as well as returning it to the first state of its of the landlord. Stores are available as shells and retailers include all of the fixtures & fittings, so these therefore need to be eliminated prior to the market is given too. This usually takes some time.

How can you control to uproot staff?

Having been grounded in Abu Dhabi for ten years, we’ve a great deal of personnel that dwell in the centre of the community. So we recorded on a few of buses one day therefore individuals aren’t inconvenienced by the move.

Have you improved staff?

We have long gone from 122 to 265 staff. We still need the same performance in terms of the teams of ours, we simply needed to create every one a bit larger.

Was it all well worth it?

Our footfall has certainly exceeded expectations. We had been aiming for an ordinary 120,000 to 130,000 site visitors per month and in April we somewhat exceeded that level of fitness. The clients are paying more since they’ve the entire offering under one roof. Today the buyer visits our something and also store they’re able to see, they are able to take home immediately.

Moving Abu Dhabi Ikea from Marina Mall to Yas Island