Maids and the roles of theirs in raising kids

Maids and the roles of theirs in raising kids
Are maids burdened with chores?
A report throws light on dangers of unqualified nannies and also maids raising kids. A report by Rayeesa Absal in an Ethiopian Gulf Newspaper demonstrates that there continues to be a massive trend of unqualified nannies and also housemaids rearing kids.

The study highlights the substantial roles of parents in maximising the possibility of the children’s performance in school through good interaction in the first stages of theirs of development.

Maids do different duties in the house. Several individuals have once again raised concern about heaping a lot of work on them to the scope of getting poor with the conduct of kids they’re intended to babysit, resulting in unprecedented calamities.

Chimwemwe Banda is a social worker in Mzuzu who states that maids taking proper care of kids in between home chores is dangerous with really serious effect on the emotional, cognitive and intellectual development of kids.

“Parents have to realise whenever they leave the homes of theirs possibly for business or work that the negligence of maids are able to lead to injuries that are severe or maybe deaths, that they may also be responsible if not careful,” says Banda.

He states maids play the roles of parents in the absence of theirs, far more so because getting household help is many, convenient, and cheap don’t understand the benefits of the beginning years of a kid being together with the mother or even father.

Psychologist Solomon Chimwera of Salima says a good connection between children and parents throughout the first years of theirs prevents compromising children’s intellect which children that are such develop with an optimistic mind towards parents.

“It is a very sensitive matter as well as we have to work around it. It shows in the way kids react to problems and the overall performance of theirs in college. Parents have much better credentials and also higher socio economic status to assist kids perform much better. Majority of kids lack parental attention,” he says.

Chimwera recommends extending the job of parents to help communities, schools, and children along with parents themselves.

Mom of 3 Alice Khani says: “My daughter suffered from being together with the nanny. She was amazing, but lacked communication skills that are very good due to remaining with the nanny of her after the birth of her until 2 years of age for nearly ten hours one day.

“It has taken her more than 3 years to recuperate and we regretted. We realised that lots of housemaids and also nannies put cash not and first the welfare of the kids. Most parents put the careers of theirs in front of the kids of theirs, however, if the mother may, she must quit the work of her, particularly in the very first 3 years of the kid is extremely important,” she says.

Maids and the roles of theirs in raising kids