IKEA Becomes First Retailer In order to Let Customers Pay Using Time

IKEA is now letting clients pay for goods with the time of theirs. Indeed, that is right: the much more time customers spend going to IKEA, the more they are able to purchase. Because starting from this month, IKEA Dubai is operating a campaign which is going to allow buyers to invest the time of theirs as being a currency, merely by showing IKEA checkout staff their Google Maps timeline, that demonstrates just how much time they have invested going to IKEA stores.

While restricted at this particular second in time to IKEA Dubai, this particular promotion opens the door to a profound and significant change in just how consumers buy items, and also in just how they connect with makes. Timed to coincide with the opening of a brand new shop in Jebel Ali, this brand new campaign encourages prospective customers to see IKEA more often, in order that they can certainly notch up more hours invested going to IKEA’s outlets. By extension, it pushes them to invest much more time in IKEA’s retailers, which might motivate them to purchase a lot more products.

Dubbed “Buy With Your Time,” the thought behind the brand new promo is that clients often spend an inordinate amount of your time going to IKEA retailers, typically because said outlets are located on the outskirts of cities. In view of this particular, IKEA has added “time currency” prices for each product in its Dubai retailers, that are based upon the common Dubai salary. As a result, clients are in a position to purchase items using all of the moment they have invested going to IKEA through the years (in addition to the typical dirhams).

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“Before the birth of the plan, we realised 2 things: some time is special today, along with numerous loyal IKEA customers invest a major chunk of it seeing the places of ours, that are sometimes far from the city centre,” said an IKEA spokesperson. “We believe it is just appropriate to reward our customers’ efforts by repaying them because of the time invested reaching us. It is our way of supporting the Dubai community help make the most of each minute.”

Obviously, the truly important part of this particular story is not the reality you are able to today devote period as being a currency in IKEA. Rather, the participation of Google Maps in the promotion requires that individuals who would like to invest the time of theirs as currency have not only to download Google Maps, but also need to allow it to monitor them anywhere they travel. Put simply, the promotion is yet another step towards normalizing the concept that it is alright being seen anywhere we go so very long as we receive’ free stuff’ in exchange. Given that Google recently turned into a trillion dollar company, it is not completely clear in case the trade is a good one.

IKEA Becomes First Retailer In order to Let Customers Pay Using Time