The fast growing pandemic of the Coronavirus, also referred to as Covid 19, has sparked fears across the globe. With thousands dead and tens of thousands infected, its no surprise that for many Britons the top goal today is keeping their property safe and virus free. Now, on ITV’s This Morning, viewers were told by a specialist what they must do when they come home from work in an attempt to secure the homes of theirs from the virus.

Speaking to Eamonn Holmes and Rochelle Humes – who’s filling in for Ruth Langford as she’s, according to Eamonn, “under the weather” – Alice Beer, the washing authority, revealed the very first thing Britons have to do to safeguard home against coronavirus.

She said: “What I do [to remain safe from the virus], the second I get home, is actually take off the jacket of mine and hang it up, do away with the cell phone of mine. And set them to one side.”

Rochelle then asked: “So, do away with your phone?” Responding to the issue, the guru replied: “Yes.”

Alice continued: “So everything that anybody might have perhaps sneezed over, coughed over, breathed over or perhaps touched it goes there [she pointed to the doorway].
“My shoes, the handbag of mine that many visits there. Preferably by the rear door. So we are able to maintain the home clean.”

The specialist said: “And then I am going to clean the hands of mine before I feel anything in the building.

“After I have washed the hands of mine, I am going to flip the tap off with kitchen paper, I continue by the taps,” she added.
She clarified that the reason for it was not “paranoia” but a precaution as she’d touched the surface area of the tap with the hands of her before cleaning them.

“This will all become routine,” she continued: “It will all be common. Phones are filthy they’re completely filthy.

“But Apple have finally stated it is alright to clean the telephone of yours with alcohol wipes.

“So, you are able to make use of your screen cleaner, your glasses cleaner, your universal wipes on your phone,” she added.

Alice revealed on This Morning that the coronavirus “isn’t awaiting you at home” though it’s “brought” into houses, therefore Britons have to take additional precautions when working with the virus.

She said: “To clean your home [against the virus] is very simple, so fast and very inexpensive. You don’t have to stock pile pricey items to do that.
“So you will find 2 methods of getting rid of the virus on any surface.”

Alice continued: “You’re either washing it all, that suggests using some soap, liquid soap to ease the germs from the surface area and then rinse it, rinse it, rinse it till [the soot] is actually off.

“The other item you might do is harm it off of. You will find 2 things which kill the virus one is actually alcohol – that you are able to purchase and that may be your hand sanitizer. The next is bleach.

“Bleach is going to kill it. There are lots of surfaces around the home of yours that you are able to wipe down with bleach.”
Nevertheless, viewers were warned by the guru in order to use caution with bleach, and then to dilute the substance. She said: “Fill a cap filled with [bleach] that is actually fifteen millilitres or maybe 3 teaspoons and this is going to go in half a litre of drinking water.

“And [the combined liquid] I will set it in an old spray bottle.”

She discovered that from one standard sized bleach bottle, a prroperty owner will be in a position to come up with the bleach last equivalent to fifty bottles.

Based on Alice, the best technique of stopping the coronavirus from spreading in a home is usually to “wash, clean, as well as keep cleaning your hands again and again again”.

How to protect home against coronavirus – keep property virus-free with this says expert